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Scouse Jokes Let One Go Wasssup
Dog What Beer Does Boring Meeting
Ali G Funny Eyes JoeFish
Bill Gates Road Signs Stress Relief Tool
Paddy v Saddam Windows BT Marketing Call
Boy v Girl Kitty Kitty Singing Fish
John in Hell Kettle 4 Sale Oooops
Old Lady's Women Drivers
#1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5
Superb Madcow
School Football Lookalikes Arrgghhhh
One for the lads Make a wish School
Train Situation How do they answer the phone Effects of Beers
Little Johnny Snoopy Nice Cat
Blonde Jokes
Blonde #1 - Blonde #2
Quiet Swim Cool - Not real though
1234 Viagra Olympics
Bronze - Silver - Gold
#1 - #2
MS Keyboard #1 - #2 Ouch #1 - #2 - #3
Goatee Blonde Printing Michael Schumacher
Duck A Dogs Thoughts Donkey!
Fairground Blackpool Salmon Fishing
The Pope
#1 - #2
Noah's Ark Rudolf
Rymes For Adults Cloned Bus Dodging
Friday Humour His & Hers Funny Bulls
#1 - #2 - #3
Centipede What bad kids get Branded
Bin Airbag Wish this was my VW
Scouse Olympics MS Office Help Skeleton
Top 10's Funny Pics
#1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6
Beer in Brazil
All Aboard Practical Joke Footy Bloomers
#1 - #2 - #3
Surgery Sometimes Office Dance
Santa Airline Starwars
Cliff Diving Consequences Biker
Mike N' Mary Insults Cats 'N Dogs
Sandwich? Real Roadsigns Good Dog
Smelly How Cigarettes are made I Love Dogs
Nuns Chinese Writing Ferrari Drivers
Father N' Son Check out the Baps on That! Dog Lovers Turn Away ;D
Wales Effects of the Internet Superb
Sex Shop Some Classics :)
Needs Powerpoint
F1 Accident - Ouch
Elevator Bad Day? Is it safe to cross? er. NO
Top 10 Whoppers How does this work? Motor Cross
Womems Conference - :) Never Mind SkyDive
On a Promise His N' Hers Remotes HotDog
When God Created Women - Sorry :) Decsions, Decisions Fiat Panda
The good old days Jerry Springer - Cool I can explain
Jew, Hindu & Scouser Hungry Does my bum look big in this?
Parrot Jokes
#1 - #2
Baywatch on the Mersey Another Woman Driver
Fancy Dress NEW M6 Early Warning Signs :) Microsoft Help :)
Mike Tyson in School Scousers Keyboard New Rainbow Episode
The Darts Team Footy Tactics
Job Description 3 Feet? Need to higher ur speakers up - The sound is crap
A bit of Dodgy Advice :) Got to make that call Homer Sounds - Cool
Bulls Having a Bad Day Radio Call Gone Wrong
Hot-Dog Liverpool Airport When ya gotta go...
Sick Girl Trevor Funny SheepShagger Sound...:D
First Time :) Safe Sex Typical Man
Jim & Earl Animals Revenge
Pigs - Cows - Pigeons - Mouse
Cat Slap
Tonight Matthew... Fall Asleep? Olympic Diving At It's Best
The Love Dress Quality :) Honey I'm Home
Tramps Rejected Billboards Always Make Sure First
Potentially & Realistically IE Error Practical Joke
The Hard Times The Marriage Series Iraq News Report
The CIA Torture Bad Flip
Comeback Line of the year Safety in the Workplace
(Needs Powerpoint)
Bad trip to the shops
Making Cakes Roundabout Hell Men can Multi-Task
Too much to Drink? Fly Love Dad on a Skiing Holiday
Ladies Night Out Blow Job Jump
The Pink Oboe T-Shirt Designs Dont touch the.....Too late
Aussie Sunset! Irish Scarecrow It's Mine
In the Navy Hints for Women Does this hurt?
Osama Pranksters Cats and cellotape
New Virus Alert! The Truth Anti-Theft Device
Another Scouse Joke Snowed In No more Road Rage
Monastery Seniors I been practising :)
Dream Car What the adverts should say Kung-Fu Hamster
Condom Sizes Funny Animal Pics Traffic Wardens!
EVE - One for the Ladies Weird..(Needs MS Word) He wont be doing this again
Liverpool v Manchester One of those days Bad Ass Santa
Navy Retirement Extreme Sports Quality
W.I.F.E Pooh Bear Funny Animation
The 7 Dwarfs Ouch!! Catching your food, or food catching you
Power of a Woman Where are these lot goin? Getting the Ball??
Hero DodgyScouser's Pets I'd rather go the dentist!
Husband & Wife Terrible Disaster Angry American
Husband & Wife II What my LegoMen get upto Hehehe Quality Australian Radio
Have you ever stopped and wondered?... I think someone is taking the P*ss Shaggy Calls for Taxi
Irish Family Fortunes This is a cracker :) This guy is handy on the Decks :)
A sweet story :) Thought of the day Ouch!
He who drinks Australian..... The AA in Liverpool Car Protection against Bird Crap
Poor Miles A lonely Hearts Ad Car Protection against Cat's
HandyMan Computer Funnies Some bad accidents on here
Things you can't say when Drunk I wonder Why These Got Sacked? Dont cheat with this guy around
Party!! T-Shirt's The evil Ka
Cake or Bed? Dip's Dog ;) Poor little hamster
Revenge is Sweet Another Thought for the Day Tie things down when doin a loop
Shadey Git! Why Cats hate their owners Off-Road
Lucky thing : | Nail Humour Stunt
The Lone Ranger Idiots What your dog really does outside
Atheist in the woods Superb Tattoo's This dog has issues
Tennis Elbow Santa Never Forgets Bump N' Rind
Politics Eye Test For Farmers BBC
Priceless Letters to Santa Gwan lad!
The Hippie & The Nun Why Men Die Before Women Rough as a Badgers Ar*e!
The Deaf Genie Awwww! DeNiro on Terrorism
Sniffer The Dog Water Found On Mars! Butt Rocket (Ouch)
Blonde Copper Would you pick him up? German Coastguard hehe
T-G-I-T How not to load vehicles
Needs Powerpoint
The Wonders of Weightlifting
Mexicans How to make a model Plane Tow Yard Complaint - Class
Marriage Your Nicked Mad Airport
#1 - #2
Another Blonde Joke Lionel Richtea Computer Wars - Requires MS Word
Can I buy a Horth? No beating around the bush Finger Football
First Date Back to work :) First Aid
Thanks to Little Miss Naughty
When Photographer's Get Bored
#1 - #2
Too much detail
FBI Assassin Finger Painting
Requires Powerpoint
He's been on the Stella
Another Blonde Joke Animal Testing
Thanks to Andrew Burnley
Send your funny Pics to DodgyScouser
That'll shut ya up :)
Quick Thinking Kids Weird
Thanks to Lynsey Lloyd
Send your funny Pics to DodgyScouser
Weird Tie these to your car Busted
How LFC were Lucky Take the cat for a walk Does this count?
New Life??? While your colleague is away Classic Fart Mask Eeww
I hear a train coming Thanks to TazDevil
#1 - #2
Wasps LP Bad Situation Happy Slapper gets wasted
Crazy! Black-Head Remover How they tell the time in Italy ;)
Witty lil' girl :) Keep the Jehovah's away with this Life as a fella
Another Blonde, sorry :) Red-Neck Marriage Lucky :o
British vs Irish (True Story) Funny Cartoons Navy Helicopter
Tim, Nice not Dim Camera's + Beer = Boss People Art
Ed Zachery Disease Drinking Decathlon Alton Towers?
The accent Archive Someone was bored Fastest ever Rubik Cube
Nun's Are you sure you hate your job? Which one are you?
Learn yaself scouse Some crazy Pics Remember to pay the 1
The Cupboard Can you do me a favour?...
Needs PowerPoint
Lodger Did they mean that?
Needs PowerPoint
Rabbi Christmas Turkey
Needs PowerPoint
DragonFly This is one Crappy Bike
Why Parents Drink.. Twas the night before Christmas
Talking Dog Terrible Waste
More Crazy Pics
Cartoon Pics - Some Oldies Complaints Department
Thanks to Little Miss Naughty
Send your funny Pics to DodgyScouser
Everyone is getting on this t'internet
Damn Tourists
Paddy Power
Imagine swimming with these
True Love is...
Help! My mouse is broke and my Printer is jammed
Cool Art that will mess with your head
New sheep hearding technique
Happy Easter
Can you help??
BMW 325i for sale
Holiday Apartment
Irish radio competition
Keyboard for men
Oppurtunity for Man U fans
Movie Mistakes - Requires MS Word
NDA or DNA??? - Requires MS Word
Stevie G has been caught
Modern Technology
Clean Underwear
Bendy (Use your mouse to drag)
Scouse Monopoly
Biggest Roller Coaster
My new Flatscreen TV
Whatever happened to Emu?
Mmmmm McChicken Nuggets
More Funny Pics - Uploaded 23/10/05
Kodak Moments - Some old, some new
Some x-mas Funnies
Be your own boss (Requires Powerpoint)
Lets see how Man U do this year ;)
New Mr. Men Characters
More honest Adverts
In the park
Garfield Advice
Smile :)
Middle East
New Airbag Design
DVD Writer & Palm Pilot for Sale
New Bidet Design
Fowlers First appearance at Anfield
Welsh Hooker
Great view from the Beach - Requires Powerpoint
Mad Pics - Requires Powerpoint
Follow the dot - Warning! - Requires Powerpoint
Not Good :) - Requires Powerpoint
Optical Illusions - Requires Powerpoint
Vegetable Humour (Class) - Requires MSWord
Waters off CapeTown
Best FlowChart ever
UK Motorway Map
Car Adverts
Road Signs
Mute Tourettes Syndrome
More Funny Pics
Capture the moment
Get the right angle
Cool shopping bags
Who left these on their own?
Kids dummies
Classic Fish Fart
Free Cat here
Darth's Light-Saber
Awwwww poor girl lol
Boss T-Shirt
The latest weather predicition

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